Motion Inspector
The Motion Inspector Software Suite includes applications for the operation of the iN, NR, NX, O, OS, OSA, CC, CCM and Y Series digital cameras. Motion Inspector allows the control of a single camera or two cameras for 3D operation and is compatible with Windows®. If using iOS™, the MotionPad application is now available for download and works on both iPhone® and iPad®. MotionPad supports NX, O, OS, OSA, CC and CCM series digital cameras.
Motion Inspector 1.06.01
Full Package
50.02 MB
Motion Inspector 1.06.01
Full Package
75.01 MB
Motion Inspector 1.5.4
Full Package
Motion Pad 1.5.4
Full Package
Name Type Version Platform File Name File Size
Motion InspectorFull Package1.5.4iOSviewSoftware?id=574387894&mt=8N/A
Motion PadFull Package1.5.4iOSviewSoftware?id=1334199223&mt=8N/A
Motion Inspector Full Package1.06.01Windows 64 bitmi_win_10601.exe50.02 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.06.01MAC OS Xmi_mac_10601.dmg75.01 MB
Name Language File Name File Size
Motion InspectorMotionInspector cross-platform User ManualEnglishmi_man_en.pdf3.80 MB
MotionInspector cross-platform User ManualDeutschmi_man_de.pdf7.72 MB
Name Language File Name File Size
Technical NotesList of AVI Codec for 32 or 64 bit WindowsEnglishidt_tn_0001.pdf79.21 KB
Differences between pipeline and non pipeline camerasEnglishidt_tn_0002.pdf47.00 KB
How to disable the User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7Englishidt_tn_0003.pdf40.57 KB
IDT Cameras and Windows FirewallEnglishidt_tn_0004.pdf509.12 KB
Information to collect from customers if a bug is reportedEnglishidt_tn_0005.pdf180.80 KB
How to install USB drivers on Windows 8 and 8.1 x64Englishidt_tn_0006.pdf250.10 KB
Image Quality Improvement in the Camera SDKEnglishidt_tn_0007.pdf18.61 KB
MRF format specificationsEnglishidt_tn_0008.pdf35.45 KB
Synchronize two Y cameras with delayed signalsEnglishidt_tn_0009.pdf85.74 KB
Detect which process is locking a file or a folderEnglishidt_tn_0010.pdf301.43 KB
Acquire and store images in Os cameras with the SDKEnglishidt_tn_0011.pdf100.12 KB
Enable camera auto-exposure in SDKEnglishidt_tn_0012.pdf77.11 KB
How to install ffmpeg in MAC/OSXEnglishidt_tn_0015.pdf53.74 KB
Name Type Version Platform File Name File Size
Motion Inspector Full Package1.05.05Windows 64 bitmi_win_10505.exe41.78 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.05.05MAC OS Xmi_mac_10505.dmg53.85 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.05.04Windows 64 bitmi_win_10504.exe40.97 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.05.04MAC OS Xmi_mac_10504.dmg46.67 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.05.03Windows 64 bitmi_win_10503.exe40.87 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.05.03MAC OS Xmi_mac_10503.dmg46.53 MB
Full Package1.05.02MAC OS Xmi_mac_10502.dmg46.46 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.05.02Windows 64 bitmi_win_10502.exe40.82 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.05.01MAC OS Xmi_mac_10501.dmg45.91 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.05.01Windows 64 bitmi_win_10501.exe30.70 MB
Full Package1.02.02Win32mi_win_10202.exe19.78 MB
Full Package1.02.02MAC OS Xmi_mac_10202.dmg33.68 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.03.02MAC OS Xmi_mac_10302.dmg32.64 MB
Full Package1.03.02Win32mi_win_10302.exe31.86 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.04.00Windows 64 bitmi_win_10400.exe31.77 MB
Full Package1.04.01Windows 64 bitmi_win_10401.exe29.20 MB
Full Package1.04.02Windows 64 bitmi_win_10402.exe29.27 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.04.02MAC OS Xmi_mac_10402.dmg27.92 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.04.03Windows 64 bitmi_win_10403.exe29.31 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.04.03MAC OS Xmi_mac_10403.dmg31.72 MB
Full Package1.05.00MAC OS Xmi_mac_10500.dmg33.31 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.05.00Windows 64 bitmi_win_10500.exe28.93 MB