Motion Inspector
The Motion Inspector Software Suite includes applications for the operation of the iNdustrial-Series, NR-Series, NX-Series, Os-Series, and Y-Series digital cameras. Motion Inspector allows the control of a single camera or two cameras for 3D operation and works with Windows®, MAC OSX, and iOS on Apple iPad®..
Motion Inspector 1.05.00
Full Package
33.31 MB
Motion Inspector 1.05.00
Full Package
28.93 MB
Name Type Version Platform File Name File Size
Motion Inspector Full Package1.05.00Windows 64 bitmi_win_10500.exe28.93 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.05.00MAC OS Xmi_mac_10500.dmg33.31 MB
Name Language File Name File Size
MotionStudio, MotionInspector, Camera SDKCameras Specification ManualEnglishidt_cam_specs.pdf3.47 MB
Motion InspectorMotionInspector cross-platform User ManualEnglishmi_man_en.pdf4.19 MB
MotionInspector cross-platform User ManualDeutschmi_man_de.pdf1.77 MB
Name Language File Name File Size
Technical Notes Windows OnlyMotion Studio technical notesEnglishidt_tn_0001.pdf79.21 KB
Detect which process is locking a file or a folderEnglishidt_tn_0010.pdf301.43 KB
How to disable the User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7Englishidt_tn_0003.pdf40.57 KB
Technical NotesIDT Cameras and Windows FirewallEnglishidt_tn_0004.pdf509.12 KB
Information to collect from customers if a bug is reportedEnglishidt_tn_0005.pdf180.80 KB
How to install USB drivers on Windows 8 and 8.1 x64Englishidt_tn_0006.pdf250.10 KB
MRF format specificationsEnglishidt_tn_0008.pdf35.45 KB
Name Type Version Platform File Name File Size
Motion Inspector Full Package1.04.03Windows 64 bitmi_win_10403.exe29.31 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.04.03MAC OS Xmi_mac_10403.dmg31.72 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.04.02Windows 64 bitmi_win_10402.exe29.27 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.04.02MAC OS Xmi_mac_10402.dmg27.92 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.04.01Windows 64 bitmi_win_10401.exe29.20 MB
Full Package1.04.00Windows 64 bitmi_win_10400.exe31.77 MB
Motion InspectorFull Package1.03.02MAC OS Xmi_mac_10302.dmg32.64 MB
Full Package1.03.02Win32mi_win_10302.exe31.86 MB
Motion Inspector Full Package1.02.02Win32mi_win_10202.exe19.78 MB
Full Package1.02.02MAC OS Xmi_mac_10202.dmg33.68 MB