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The World is Constantly in Motion. So Are Ideas. Innovation is by Nature, Adaptive.

A brilliant idea right now is not enough for the future. At Integrated Design Tools, Inc. (IDT), we believe that staying in constant motion is what makes us the top innovators in the high speed digital camera field, using today’s great ideas as a platform to expand our vision into tomorrow.

We are driven to embrace the new, but one thing never changes: IDT is committed to providing simple, elegant solutions for customers with digital and high speed imaging needs. And, we have the perfect product for your needs. How can we be so sure? Because we’re users, too. In fact, IDT was established in 1997 to fulfill the need of its founders to build a high frame rate camera that would enhance the human ability to see in slow motion. A high speed camera that could capture phenomena beyond our natural perceptions, that could be produced by a small group of experts with limited resources and endless ideas. A slow motion camera that is not only sophisticated – but also easy to use. Because when you have a problem to solve, the last thing you want to do is waste time figuring out complicated tools.

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By Putting Ourselves in the Role of the User, We Absolutely Know What A Real, Elegant Solution Can Be. And We Know How Magical It Can Be to Finally Find That Solution.

Our product lines are designed and built by a team whose expertise in many fields — applied physics, imaging sensors, digital camera design, software — is united by a desire to create the best possible solutions … and by the ability to break new ground and discover something even better. Many of IDT’s scientists have been here since the beginning, sharing a passion and a pride in their work that drives our company’s constant push forward. Our scientists could work anywhere they want, but they remain excited participants in IDT’s never-ending quest to figure out the best way to do what everyone else says can’t be done.

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IDT High Speed Cameras Provide the Best Solution for Many Industries.

Now, IDT’s high-speed digital cameras and integrated systems — proudly made in the U.S.A. — are the top solution for many different industries, from auto-safety testing to medical research to filmmaking … and even into outer space. The only question we ask is, where to next?

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