XS Stick-HD
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The XStream Stick HD camera is IDT's ultra-compact high frame-rate camera that streams crisp images up to 1000 fps with a resolution of 1920 x 1536 pixels when configured for continuous streaming with IDT's Thunderbolt 3 Adapter and up to 1475 fps with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels when configured for concurrent LIVE streaming and SLOW MOTION playback with IDT's XStream Time Capsule. Capable of withstanding 100G impact forces, the camera supports C, NF and S mount lenses and manages power, data and synchronization are through a single USB-C cable.


  • Ultra-compact form factor
  • Max FPS: 1000 fps


  • Designed for space-limited environments
  • High Frame Rates

Specification Sheets

XStream Stick HD

Interface Control Document

Thunderbolt Configuration
Thunderbolt 3.0 Cable
Thunderbolt 3.0 Cable, 1m. Connects between Thunderbolt Adapter 1451-0100 or Mini Thunderbolt Adapter 1471-0100 and computer.
Part Number: 1451-0400
Mini Thunderbolt 3.0 Adapter
Mini Thunderbolt 3 Adapter provides an interface from our XStream mini cameras to a computer. Requires Power Supply (Sold separately) 1471-0110-1 or 1471-0110-2 to power adapter and camera.
Part Number: 1471-0100
12V Power Supply
12V Power Supply for Thunderbolt 3 Adapter 1471-0100.
Part Number: 1471-0110
Time Capsule Configuration - Pre-Order
XStream Time Capsule
The X-Stream Time Capsule system, works with XStream mini cameras to produce and record slow motion image streams.
Part Number: 1474-0100
Xstream Time Capsule Power Supply
Power Supply for the XStream Time Capsule 1474-0100. Power Supply is 24V, 6.67A with 160W maximimum and voltage range of 85-264 VAC, 120-370 VDC. Includes 1.2M(3.9 ft.) cable with 4-pin 1B LEMO connector. Includes a 1M (3.2 ft.) NA standard power cord.
Part Number: 1474-0104-01
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