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Join us at IDT where innovation and ingenuity are celebrated!

Whether your expertise lies in administration and production, marketing and sales, or research and development, you’ll be working alongside industry leaders in high-speed imaging solutions.

Many of IDT’s world class scientists have been with the company since its beginning, sharing a passion and a pride in their work that drives IDT’s constant quest to bring to market customer-driven solutions that everyone else says can’t be done.

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Senior Hardware/Firmware Engineers

Perform research, development, and integration of high-speed camera systems and related hardware components. Oversee and participate in full life-cycle product development from system concept and requirements through design, production, verification, and field support while working in integrated product teams spanning Engineering, Manufacturing, and Program Management.

General duties include

  • Design digital camera architectures by analyzing and recommending firmware, hardware and software design capacity.
  • Oversee Electronics Hardware Design to encompass both the creation and review of electronic schematics and electronic layout.
  • Develop and document requirements and design.
  • Collaborate with engineers and software developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components.
  • Oversee highly complex and technical projects and the work of staff engineers and technicians involved in that project.
  • Identify system data, hardware, or software components required to achieve the design goals.
  • Code and Unit Test software.
  • Assist in programming and developing software modules and applications.
  • Design FW for different FPGA families.
  • Design test benches for FW verification.
  • Identifying timing problems on FPGA designs and solving them.
  • Integrate software onto hardware (cameras) platform.
  • Develop Integration and Test procedures.
  • Research, test or verify proper functioning of the firmware and software to meet the system and customer’s needs
  • Provide advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes.
  • Provide technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of systems.
  • Communicate project information through presentations, technical reports, or white papers.
  • Document design specifications, installation instructions, and other system related instructions.
  • Design and conduct hardware/firmware and software tests.
  • Evaluate current or emerging technologies to consider factors such as cost, portability, compatibility, or usability.
  • Work in Programming languages: C, C++, Embedded C++, Python 3.x, Perl
  • Work in Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, Embedded Linux, Real-time Linux

Special Knowledge/Technology Skills

  • Proficiency in high speed, multi-clock digital designs
  • Proficiency with RTL code development using Verilog or VHDL
  • Proficiency with Electronic Schematic tools: OrCad, Altium, Allegro
  • Proficiency with Electronic Layout tools: PADs, Altium, Protel, Allegro
  • Proficiency with Firmware Design using Xilinx, Altera and Lattice tools
  • Proficiency with Architectures: x86, ARM, AMBA, MicroBlaze
  • Proficiency in Digital image sensors, memory and FPGAs

Two (2) openings for this position. F/T U.S. Bachelor’s Degree or foreign degree equivalent accepted in computer or electronics engineering or closely related field & 4 years of experience. Fax Ad/Resume: Integrated Design Tools, Inc. (“IDT”), HR Dept. (626) 316-7503, job site – Pasadena, CA or email to HR Dept. at

Software Engineer

Under general supervision, the Software Engineer develops software modules and applications. The Software Engineer also assists the firmware team (FPGA designers) with designing different software tools for debugging. Performs other duties as required.

General duties include

  • Designs, develops, codes, tests and debugs system software
  • Collaborates in the development of hardware prototypes and final products, provides post-production support
  • Analyzes and enhances efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources, optimizes performance
  • Assists and addresses the resolution of potential service issues with existing platforms
  • Assists and participates in the creation of software user manuals and in the software release process
  • Programs in C, C++, Embedded C++
  • Responsible for ensuring that products meet the highest company quality standards
  • Troubleshoots software programs

Special Knowledge/Technology Skills

  • Degree in Computer Science or Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Minimum five years of experience in programming for applications connected to image/video processing, networking
  • Good knowledge of OS coding techniques and networking protocols
  • Programming languages: C, C++, Embedded C++
  • Operating Systems: Windows, MAC, Linux, Embedded Linux, Real-time Linux
  • Graphics Frameworks: MFC, MS Visual Studio, Qt, OpenCV, PCL, VKT
  • Architectures: x86, ARM, NVIDIA CUDA
  • Math/Simulation: Matlab/Simulink, R
  • Communicates effectively in written and verbal form
  • Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, Excel) and ability to learn other software tools (Sharepoint, CRM, etc.)

One (1) opening for this position. F/T U.S. Masters degree in Computer Science or Electrical/Electronics Engineering & 4 years of experience. Fax Ad/Resume: Integrated Design Tools, Inc. (“IDT”), HR Dept. (626) 316-7503, job site – Pasadena, CA or email to HR Dept. at