Future Products

X-Stream PCIe 720p

The XStream™ is a compact, image-streaming camera designed for use with a computer system. It is supported by Linux, MAC OS and the Windows operating systems. It is supplied with the end-user and SDK software packages (Motion Monitor). The XStream PCIe 720p delivers color or monochrome 1280×720 pixel images at a rate in excess of 1,500 fps. This interface is best suited for applications that require long recording capability and/or real-time processing of the acquired images.

The camera will be available in limited quantities to the sales channel at the end of August 2015.

X-Stream Camera

O-10 UHD Orion

The O-10 UHD Orion is a portable, fully featured, UHD camera capable of continuous recording at over 100 fps and high-speed bursts in excess of 1000 fps. It uses non-volatile memory for image storage to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of use.

– 3840×2160 pixel images
– up to 1,100 fps in full resolution
– 3G HDSDI video output
– GigaEthernet
– IEEE1588 Timing Protocol
– GPS/IRIG frame marking and synchronization
– Integrated Battery

The camera release date is set to October 2015.

O-10 UHD Orion

CrashCam 1010 Mini

The CrashCam 1010 Mini™ is a rugged, sealed, high G and vibration rated camera product designed for use (not exclusively) in harsh, space limited testing environments. Thanks to the ultra compact design this camera is best adapted for use in on-board vehicular testing. It can also be used to instrument test dummies. Supports 1440×1024 @ >1,000 fps.  2 GB DDR RAM and 32 GB Flash provide the image storage capacity. Live video streams are enabled via the HDSDI output. Breakout cable and power supply included.

CrashCam 1010 Mini